Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Andrew Toffoli is living one of his many dreams. He is a graduate of Florida State University in 1993 with a degree in Graphic Design.Andrew combined this degree with a love of teaching and began his career in the educational field where he has motivated students for over 10 years.

He has been an inspiration to students, many of whom now have successful careers in graphic and web design. He has always shared his vision with his students, and although they are busy in their lives and careers, they have always given Andrew their time and ideas. Collaborating with them worked so well that Andrew hired Maria Gonzalez to complete the color design for all of his books.

Andrew’s inspiration come from his love of family, art, history and teaching. “I created this series to teach important history along with a life lesson. It is important to learn at a young age about those who have paved the way for us and what better way to learn than a bed-time story or a reading with friends and family.” Andrew, his wife Cristina and their son, Christopher live in Miami, Florida, but never pass up an opportunity to be able to share Histories.