My presentations are unique because they are an author/ illustrator visit and fund raiser all in one! $1.00 from the sale of each book goes back to the school. Being a teacher, I know the value of giving back to my school and how difficult it is to raise money. Schools usually have to resort to candy and bake sales to raise money. This is intensive, and does send a healthy message to our students. Instead, I use this opportunity to raise not only funds, but your student’s IQ while they learn about great figures from history. I only ask your cooperation and support to promote this event and make it a huge success for both parties.

  • I ask that I be allowed to sell my books and will donate $1.00 from the sale of each book to the school.
  • Presentations are designed for grades k-4th and last approximately 40 minutes. A reading of one of my latest books or the book of your choice.
  • A full demonstration of how drawings come to be. I will illustrate each character and explain the entire process.
  • A trivia game based on actual questions from the Accelerated Reader test for each book.
  • Prizes for the trivia game are signed illustrations created that day. Question and answer session. Book signing which includes an original illustration in each book purchased.

Presentations requirements

  • Overhead projector and laptop
  • Easel


  • I am available to do 2-3 presentations in a day.
  • Evening events are also possible.
  • To arrange a visit please call: 305 775 0181 or email me at